duminică, 24 martie 2013

Power in time ...

DSC_0546 by Anerphe Photography
DSC_0546, a photo by Anerphe Photography on Flickr.

Based on typological analogy and stylistic analysis, historians believe that these bracelets are authentic Dacian artifacts. Some chronological evidence is provided by dark blotches that indicate a long period of time underground, and also by the ancient coins that were found along with bracelets. These coins point to the late 2nd century BC and the first decades of the 1st century BC. It appears that the bracelets were buried, if not necessarily crafted, during a time frame between 100–70 BC.
The chronology of these bracelets corresponds to the emergence of the building of religious sanctuaries, digging and arranging pits with a religious purpose where deposits of offerings to the chthonian gods had been made.